The Ultimate Guide to a Career in Welding

The Ultimate Guide to a Career in Welding

April 12, 2022

It’s always a good feeling to have the qualifications to get you any job you want. With welding, you can gain experience, earn your certifications, and create a bidding war for your service. Follow the ultimate guide to a career in welding to get started.

General Welding Job Description

There are several responsibilities a welder has on the job. However, the central focus of any welding job description is to fuse pieces of metal with pressure and heat. A welder can generate an electric arc from the electrodes with a torch, melting away accumulated slag before it cools and becomes solid.

There is a great demand for welders in this country, which is one of the many compelling reasons to enter this line of work.

Show Me the Money

As with any job, the salary you earn is one of the most crucial job factors. That’s another reason why welding is a fantastic field to explore, considering the average salary is a skosh above $40,000, ranging from high $30,000s to high $40,000s.

Salaries rise based on certifications, education, experience, and other additional skills. But you will learn the step-by-step process for what you need to achieve to ensure you put yourself on the right path to success.

Types of Welding


A method requiring you to work with tungsten electrodes is tungsten inert gas welding, otherwise known as TIG welding. Using a tungsten electrode allows welders to handle various metals, including several magnesium alloys, copper, and stainless steel. Additionally, TIG welders regulate the heat with a foot pedal, carefully monitoring the work so it doesn’t damage your piece.

TIG welding is the most common option when working with thinner metals. Using this method on thin material can produce top-notch welds compared to other methods.


If you are new to the welding scene, the odds are you will begin with metal inert gas (MIG) welding. This method uses a shielded gas electrode and is relatively simple for a beginner to comprehend.

It can be challenging to obtain an external gas supply, so most welders utilize flux core wire because it doesn’t need an outside source. That’s why MIG welding is an excellent alternative for people operating in places without access to gas.


Stick welding is the best choice for connecting the thick metals that TIG and MIG welding cannot do.

Stick welders coat their electrodes with flux to protect the weld from contaminants and oxidation. Usually, you will work with ferrous metals with this technique. For the larger repairs of machinery and cars, stick welders will be the ones who get the call.

Stick welders are frequently hired to repair big machinery or cars. Learning the alternative welding processes will make you a hot commodity in the job market. So, don’t hesitate in trying new things, because the more you know, the more money you will earn.

Trust the Process

Seek Out Information About the Field

It’s critical to do extensive research for any job openings and stay in tune with what’s happening in the field. Soaking in the knowledge gives you a fair sense of what the job entails, what abilities you need, and if this is a career worth pursuing.

Several individuals mistake going into a career blindly, expecting to find work because of a degree or someone you know. However, choosing the wrong career may lead to frustration you could have prevented from doing a few web searches.

Earn a High School Diploma

Some welding programs will admit people without a high school degree. Although, having this fundamental accreditation will make it much simpler to obtain work. You will have a general foundation of English and math skills with a high school diploma, aiding you in your job because of the constant measurements you must do.

Get Essential Certificates

It’s a bonus if you have some formal education at a university level. A variety of welding institutes provide training for prospective welders.

Your finances determine what program works best, with most people opting for an apprenticeship program. This allows them to make money and learn simultaneously, while others may choose to enroll in a welding school to hone their skills first.

Whatever path you take, make certain that the American Welding Society (AWS) recognizes it. This ensures that you are gaining the necessary skills to become a competent welder.

Start Gaining Experience

With your education in tow, it is imperative to jumpstart your career and gain experience. The most effective way is to look for a job, which shouldn’t be an issue based on the high demand of the profession.

Most employers fawn over candidates with several years of experience, so racking up those days and years on the job can give you a great head start.

If, for some reason, you can’t find a job because of your lack of experience, it may be advantageous to volunteer, since you will gain real experience and begin to hone your skills.

Additional Licenses

One must obtain a certification from the AWS before one can operate. To attain certification, you must complete an exam to prove your understanding of the essential safety protocols. Several certificates are available based on your qualifications and experience, so passing the initial steps is the beginning of the journey.

You may have needed additional certificates to work based on where you reside. Certain regions need to give your permission to work in that area, so always double-check with your local government.

Start Apply

With your certifications in hand, you may confidently start applying for jobs. There are numerous jobs available, so it depends on your preference and expertise. Some welders work in factories, while others gravitate towards the automotive field.

And, if you want a truly remarkable career, you can explore becoming an underwater welder. These workers operate in the ocean to repair oil rigs and other machinery.

Continue To Grow

With a new job, the last thing you can focus on is advancing your career. Positions like becoming a welding inspector, an educator, or getting in touch with your entrepreneurial side are all viable options. Whatever route you select, know that you can always accomplish more down the line.

This concludes the ultimate guide to a career in welding. It isn’t a job for everyone, but it certainly has its benefits. SEC Industrial is your ideal one-stop shop to furnish your workshop or classroom with the best equipment available. Future welders of the world can master their skills on the Automatic Pipe Spool Welding Machine, working their way to the top. Contact us today, and we can discuss what options we can offer you.

The Ultimate Guide to a Career in Welding

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