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Prefabrication Welding & Cutting Automation

SEC Industrial serves the process piping, aerospace, power generation, oil and gas, shipbuilding, and various piping industries. We manufacture automated welding/cutting equipment, portable in-place machining tools, CNC pipe-cutting machines, pipe spool fit-up stations, and mini weld-lathes.

We also have an extensive fleet of AMI orbital welding equipment available for sale or rent.  We carry a full line of accessories such as orbital cutting saws, facing tools, purge kits, and tungsten.  We have both fusion and wire-feed applications for your work scope.

We are a highly technical and fast-growing company that offers equipment rental and purchasing options to all our customers. In addition, we offer machine repair, calibration, and training for our customers because we firmly stand behind our products. At SEC, we are industry experts with a thorough understanding of the equipment; we only hire certified technicians to work on repairs, calibration, and training.

Browse our many automated welding products to make completing jobs even more efficient for your workers. When you work with us, you can buy from a company that understands your industry and its specific needs.

Let us get to work finding solutions to your most challenging projects with our automated welding and cutting equipment!

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Industries We Serve

We partner with a variety of industries that fit our product applications

  • Aerospace
  • Brewery / Distillery
  • Food/Dairy / Beverage
  • Chemical / Petrochemical
  • Pharmaceutical / Biopharmaceutical
  • Power Generation
  • Pulp / Paper
  • Oil / Gas
  • Semiconductor
  • Shipbuilding
  • Wastewater Treatment

SEC Industrial has the equipment and essential knowledge to help all our customers thrive. Begin shopping for welding tools and equipment.

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Our Services


SEC Industrial’s sole purpose is to supply the right orbital and prefabrication welding equipment for the job. We only carry the highest quality machines and tools in our industries to ensure the customer satisfaction we promise.


Having a fleet of orbital welding tools, tube & pipe rentals, along with pipe bevelers, and torque wrenches allows our customers flexibility when estimating jobs and needing performance on short notice.


We proudly repair AMI weld heads and power supplies. Calibration services are available on all our torque wrenches, both pneumatic and electric.


Having the right prefabrication welding equipment is imperative, but having a company that stands behind its product is crucial. We will go to the extremes to support our clients and do what no others will. Our customers are why we exist, so we treat them as such.

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