M3 Automation

The M3 and M3K pipe spool welding machines are custom-engineered pieces of equipment for revolutionary pipe fabrication.

This specialized integrated pipe spool welding station utilizes unique turnkey technology for multi-pass or single-pass keyhole welds.

The production of specialty industrial equipment relies on innovative approaches with the end-user requirements in mind. Due to its full integration of torches and power control supplies, the M3 pipe spool welding machine creates automated solutions for demanding challenges faced in the welding industry. Users can perform an array of piping welds in a compact package without needing supplementary equipment.

Integrating welding solutions directly into the fabrication process of pipe systems helps maintain ideal quality conditions and reduce overall production time. This purpose-built machine can produce reliable speeds in critical weld conditions faster than manual GTAW. The M3 integrated pipe spool welding station increases productivity due to its optimal specifications and features for precision control and comprehensive navigation. These advanced capacities include the following:

M3-S20 (Standard)

The M3 automated pipe spool welding machine is a multi-pass system. No other automated pipe spool welding system offers the same level of ease and efficiency....
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M3-WL03 Precision Welding Lathe

The M3-WL03 Precision Weld Lathe is an easy-to-use, servo-driven system that will maximize the operator’s productivity while improving the quality and consistency of each welding operation. The weld lathe possesses single-point power distribution with 3-phase, 208-amp power....
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