Open vs. Closed Weld Heads in Orbital Welding

Today’s selection of welding processes is certainly not one and the same. Over time, the increase of documentation requirements, quality awareness, strict standards, and shortage of skilled and experienced workers have called for a more automated, precise method. Orbital welding is an effective assembly solution for present-day production. You will find the demand for orbital […]

5 Safety Tips for Stainless Steel Orbital Welding

The welding industry undoubtedly has the potential to cause safety risks and concerns for today’s workers. Welding processes are necessary for modern society, but the job at hand can be dangerous when push comes to shove. As such, an effective foundation of a safety regimen is key, especially when working with stainless steel. Stainless steel […]

5 Common Pipe Beveling Mistakes To Avoid

Welding two pieces of pipe together requires a specific approach: beveling. Beveling is a fundamental process. It creates a distinct angle between a pipe’s end and a plane perpendicular to the surface. As a strategic tactic, pipe beveling preps metal for an admirably welded seam by cutting an edged slope. Beveling is exceptionally useful in […]

4 Things To Consider When Buying a Hydraulic Torque Wrench

What force is most inherently vital for tightening today’s nuts and bolts? Torque. Without the proper precision tools, many industrial and construction sectors would struggle to complete their complex operations. Hydraulic torque wrenches are professional tools with diverse roles to play in industry. However, not all hydraulic torque tools are one and the same in […]

5 Benefits of Using Heavy Duty Torque Multipliers

Torque multipliers are one of the most powerful and wonderful tools in the world. These innovative tools help operators work smarter instead of harder. Various types of torque multipliers exist in today’s market, but each function with one task in mind: facilitating the fastening and loosening of industrial nuts and bolts. Within industries, torque multipliers […]

5 Tips for Inert Gas Weld Purging of Pipes

To purge or not to purge? The answer depends on your chosen technique, welding method, and metal. Why use purging? Producing a steady, clean, and long-lasting weld isn’t a mystery—it’s simply a structured process. TIG welding is a procedure that creates an intense blaze of heat and generates an oxidation reaction between the metal and […]

Types of Welding Electrodes: Consumable vs. Non-Consumable

The core of any successful welding project lies in utilizing the right equipment. Needless to say, fabrication services would be nearly impossible without the function of these specialized tools and gear. Specialized applications require various materials and equipment for the best results. When it comes to quality, the most important welding tools are categorized as […]

6 Advantages of Orbital Welding Versus Manual Welding

Upon hearing the term “welder” in conversation, distinguishing whether it refers to a machine or its lead operator is oftentimes arduous. Ultimately the distinction between man and machine in present-day welding form lies in the completed results of a precise project. Orbital welding systems have a level of straightforward consistency—one of such caliber that even […]

Automated Welding Provides Quality, Precision, and Repeatability

Welding has existed in some form for millennia. And manual welders have been invaluable in constructing buildings, ships, factories, transport systems, pressure vessels, and many other systems. However, acquiring the skill necessary to meet the quality demands of high-spec projects takes time, and today’s industry faces a shortage of professionals with this expertise. As a result, more […]

Orbital Welding Essentials

Is orbital welding right for your business or application? Keep reading to find out. In this guide, you will learn the orbital welding essentials. From applications and industries to weld preparations and programming, SEC Industrial will share all you need to know about orbital welding. What is Orbital Welding Orbital welding is the automatic or […]