Remote Welding Pendant

Remote Pendant – Fusion

Remote welding pendants (RP) allow complete control of all welding functions before, during, and after the actual weld cycle. Use the remote welding pendant to make any changes to the welding program before beginning a cycle if needed. Start the weld work location—not the power supply. Monitor the weld cycle and at any time during the weld if needed. Depending on the system being used, you can also change your weld programs, data requirements, etc., from the RP. Uncover more about these high-quality RPs available at SEC below.

Key Features

Touch Screen, Fusion Remote Welding Pendant

  • Graphical Display
  • Select from the library of weld schedules
  • Compatible with the M217 & M217P Weld System Controllers
  • Operates the “New” Dual Weld head Controller
  • Integrated Flashlight

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