Model 94 ID Spiral Cladding Pipe Weld Head

Model 94 ID Spiral Cladding Pipe Weld Head

The Model 94 is a rugged weld head designed for high production spiral or step ID cladding and groove welding on small diameter pipes, fittings, and vessel inlet/outlets, using the GTAW (TIG) process with cold wire feed. The M94 is a stable, precise, and repeatable platform for manipulating many different torches for welding and cladding operations.

The Model 94 uses accessories to accurately position the weld head in axial alignment with the part to be clad. A manual travel clutch allows fast insertion and extraction of the torch, and axial readout gives precise torch location. The use of commutators in the M94 allows continuous torch rotation. The Model 94 ID spiral cladding pipe weld head is self-supporting on the work piece and can operate in any position.


  • In-place ID cladding of nozzles
  • Servo-controlled:

-Rotation and axial travel
-Wire Feed

  • Axial position readout
  • Stainless steel rack-and-gear drive for consistent travel speeds in all positions (no friction drives)
  • Manual travel clutch to allow rapid insertion and extraction of torch
  • Pulsed current welding, and synchronized pulsed-wire feed
  • Unlimited torch rotation (no cable wrapping)
  • Continuous spiral cladding capability (depending on application)
  • Pre-set function for H.F. starts


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