Gripper Type Tools

Double Block & Bleed Gripper Tools

The Double Block and Bleed Gripper Tools are designed to provide an isolation barrier on localized field repair and modifications. The safety jaws allow the end user to isolate, monitor, and vent hydrocarbon vapors to a safe area when performing welded connections while giving them the assurance that the safety jaws are rated for 1,500 PSI in case of a primary isolation failure. Superior’s plug incorporates unique gripping feature geometry that make it the most application-efficient line boring facing tool on the market, while keeping safety the number one goal.

When selecting a Double Block and Bleed Gripper Tool, it is important to consider the application. You can use these tools for pipeline repair, vessel/tank repairs, wellhead maintenance, or any other hydrostatic testing operations. In addition, our grippers employ an ergonomic handle for easy use in tight spaces or when wearing protective gear.

Suppose you are looking for an effective way to isolate, monitor and vent hydrocarbon vapors while also ensuring the safety of your employees. In that case, SEC Industrial’s Gripper Type Tools are the perfect solution for you. Their reliable design and easy-to-use handle provide peace of mind during hydrostatic testing operations. For more information on purchasing or renting Double Block and Bleed Gripper Tools, request a quote below.


  • Size Range: 3/4″ – 16″
  • Isolate and test with the same tool
  • All tools are back pressure rated up to 1,500 PSI depending on pipe size and condition
  • Lightweight Design: Aluminum Body with Stainless Steel Hardware

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