Rotoweld 3.0 Twin Bay

Rotoweld 3.0 Twin Bay

Get the industry’s highest productivity output

The Rotoweld 3.0 Twin Bay is all about efficiency and arc-on time. Make loading, unloading, grinding, and aligning time losses disappear with the convenient twin bay. Prepare your next spool on the second bay while the Rotoweld 3.0 is completing a job on the first bay. This user-friendly preparation ability is how you’ll accomplish up to 300 dia inches in a single 10-hour shift.

Key Features

  • Two welding torches with their own wire spools and gas shielding systems
  • Robotized torch welding arm for quick and continuous self-positioning
  • Easily adapts welding parameters on pipes in the twin bay in real-time
  • Seamlessly designed and pre-arranged rail system for on-site precision
  • Self-aligned high-torque rotators and heavy-duty pipe strands for safety and efficiency
  • Easy-to-use program interface with real-time weld progression imaging

Rotoweld 3.0 Twin Bay Specifications

  • 3 in. to 42 in. diameter capacity
  • 10,000 lbs. pipe stand capacity
  • 300+ dia inch daily productivity capacity



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