RotoWeld-Automated Pipe Spool Welding

Rotoweld-automated pipe spool welding equipment is the ultimate pipe prefabrication solution to increase your productivity and stay competitive in today’s fabrication industry.

SEC Industrial is a proud supplier of the top welding machinery from Rotoweld to help companies easily find, install, and use these strategic solutions for their job applications.

You can’t go wrong with the user-friendly interface and heavy-duty capacity. These automated systems adjust welding parameters for users to maintain ideal operating conditions.

Rotoweld’s automated pipe spool welding solutions have the best technology on the modern market and were developed with decades of expertise and experience. Look no further for automated quality and consistency when it matters most to your business. Meet the available orbital welding products below, or view specific product videos to learn more about their high-efficiency operations and real-time capabilities. Your Rotoweld awaits.

4D Synergy Welding

4D Synergy Welding™ is a unique patented technology of proprietary algorithms that link together the four key welding parameters so that any joystick command maintains ideal welding conditions....
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Rootomatic™ is the ultimate level of Rotoweld automation. And it’s all due to 4D Synergy Welding™ technology, plus real-time image processing of the weld puddle and welding arc....
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Rotoweld 3.0 Single Bay

Put your hands on automated pipe spool welding with the Rotoweld 3.0 Single Bay. This turnkey technology will typically increase your productivity to 150 dia inch per day....
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Rotoweld 3.0 Twin Bay

The Rotoweld 3.0 Twin Bay is all about efficiency and arc-on time. Make loading, unloading, grinding, and aligning time losses disappear with the convenient twin bay....
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