W-244 (6 Axis) Pipe Cutting Machines

The W-244 (6 axis) pipe cutting machine conveys and rotates pipe from 2″ to 24″ OD with a 20′-50′ machine bed capable of supporting 500 lbs. per foot to a maximum of 10,000-20,000 lbs. This computer-controlled machine maintains simultaneous motion on a precision track to uphold the cutting position and perform beveled holes and end cuts.

Key Features of W-244 (6 Axis) Pipe Cutting Machines

  • Torch head with a vertical and horizontal tracking system to achieve proper torch height and pipe centerline
  • Automatic adjustment to compensate for out-of-round, curved, or angled pipes
  • Locking pipe clamp to ensure rotation accuracy and neutralize pipe walking
  • Hydraulically operated lift deck and off-loader arms for smooth pipe transfer
  • Three-dimensional pipe cutting software for remote and at-machine task management alongside real-time job tracking

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