Orbital Tube & Tig Welding Machines

At SEC Industrial Inc., we have a variety of orbital welding machines, including orbital tube welding machines, orbital tig welding machines, and many other welding equipment options for our customers to shop through.

Our automatic orbital welding equipment is designed to meet or exceed the critical welding specifications that require high-quality sound and sanitary repetitive welds with 100% penetration.

We have model 217 power supply, model 217p power supply, model 8 series weld heads, model 9 series weld heads, model 9-675/750 series weld heads, cooling unit – fusion, and remote pendant – fusion.

Browse our many options to find the ideal orbital welding machine and supplies that best align with your business needs. You can learn more about each of our products by clicking the “learn more” button below the image. These versatile machines serve a wide variety of industries. And if you’re not sure whether you want to buy an orbital welding machine, we also allow our customers to rent equipment. This way, you can test how much it benefits your company before making a purchase.

We strive to help our customers add value to their company with the best equipment. Learn more about our collection of orbital tube welding machines, orbital tig welding machines, and other welding equipment products now.

Model 217 Power Supply

The Model 217 WDR is a 100/150A programmable GTAW power supply designed to work with all AMI’s orbital fusion weld heads. This device is capable of welding tubes and thin-wall pipes....
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Model 217P Power Supply

The Model 217P WDR is the most advanced, easy to use orbital (GTAW) power supply in the industry—capable of welding tube, thin-wall pipe, and fittings from 3/32” (2,3 mm) through7.5” (190,5 mm) OD, in wall thicknesses up to 0.160” (4 mm)....
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Model 8 Series Weld Heads

The Model 8 series orbital weld heads are designed for fusion (TIG) welding of tube, thin-wall pipe, and fittings through the range of 0.25 in. (6 mm) to 6.625in. (168 mm) OD (outside diameter) and wall thicknesses up to 0.160in. (4 mm). The narrow width of these heads makes them ideal for fitting-to-fitting welds and other limited-clearance applications....
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Model 9 Series Weld Heads

The Model 9 series of orbital weld heads are designed for fusion (TIG) welding of tube, pipe, fittings, or other cylindrical components. Available in eight sizes and three versions, they accommodate diameters from 3/32in. (2.3 mm) to 7.5 in. (190.5 mm) OD, and wall thicknesses from 0.01in. (0.25 mm) to 0.16in. (4 mm)....
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Model 9-675 / 750 Series Weld Heads

The Model 9-675/750 Ultra low Profile Weld Head is the newest addition to the AMI Model 9-series weld heads and was designed for special request to accommodate extremely tight radial clearance applications....
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Weld Head Cooling Units

Water-cooled weld heads hold numerous advantages for orbital welding systems on the modern market. Featuring a heavy-duty pump and a flow sensor, these weld head cooling units from AMI attach to the base of the Power Supply. Powered by an outlet in the mating power supply, this configuration provides a recirculating coolant source....
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Remote Welding Pendant

Remote welding pendants (RP) allow complete control of all welding functions before, during, and after the actual weld cycle. Use the remote welding pendant to make any changes to the welding program before beginning a cycle if needed....
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