HOG TIE Boiler Tube Weld Alignment Clamp


The Hog Tie boiler tube joint alignment clamp tool speeds up the welding process for boiler tube waterwall panel replacement. In preparation for creating welded tube joints, this innovative product quickly and accurately aligns new boiler tube ends with existing tubes. Accurate tube alignment helps establish a better-welded tube joint, reducing the risk of tube joint failure due to inaccurate alignment. Overall, this saves time and money on costly boiler shut-down and re-work.

Feel free to watch the product videos available below or contact the SEC team with any questions regarding the Hog Tie boiler tube weld alignment clamp tool.

Key Features

  • Align tube ends quickly for tube joint tack welding
  • Ideal for waterwall, economizer, header, crossover, superheat, reheat, and generating tubes
  • Speeds boiler tube waterwall welding process
  • Reduces the risk of costly tube joint failure due to misalignment
  • Safety Lanyard easily connects clamp halves for fall protection
  • Made of high strength precision machined steel for long service
  • Replaceable threaded inserts
  • Available kits come with everything needed

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