Orbital Tube Saw

Prototypes, design, industrial engineering, production, special machines: ever since the foundation of our company, our engineering department has always been an essential component of AXXAIR. All those factors make for a great orbital tube saw.

Being a patented manufacturer of orbital tube & pipe processing machines, AXXAIR is constantly exploring new concepts in the field of orbital cutting and beveling.

AXXAIR is continuing to improve and update their equipment to make for an easier cutting and facing saw. We carry Orbital Cutting CC122, Orbital Cutting CC172, Orbital Facing DC25-MA, and lastly Orbital Facing DC115-AMX. Learn more about each orbital tube saw SEC Industrial Inc. carries by clicking on each equipment piece.

Orbital cutting CC122

The orbital cutting CC122 is a robust and powerful machine with a diameter of 5–119mm. This evolutive sawing machine provides high-precision cutting without tube deformation....
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Orbital cutting CC172

The orbital cutting tool CC172 is a robust and powerful orbital cutting machine that provides high-precision cutting without tube deformation. As an innovative evolutive machine, users can transform the improved CC172 model into an orbital beveling or orbital welding machine as neede...
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Orbital facing DC25-MA

Orbital facing machine : portable, lightweight and designed to be used on site as well as in the workshop....
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Orbital facing DC115-AMx

Tube facing consists of bringing the end of a tube or an accessory into conformity and acting on three aspects: the perpendicularity of the tube face (maintenance), the surface state of the face, and a potential length adjustment....
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