Orbital Welding Equipment

Picturing the perfect weld? SEC Industrial Inc. has you covered with our wide selection of automated systems and specialty solutions that integrate the latest industry technologies.

SEC is a proud supplier of custom-engineered orbital welding products that offer the highest weld quality and consistency.

SEC supplies orbital welding products and tools for every workplace in the modern market—whether portable or in-shop. Choose from an array of orbital tube, TIG, or pipe welding machines for intended purposes, alongside other specialty equipment for cutting, beveling, or torquing. No more guesswork—our orbital welding equipment offers precision and accuracy, ensuring perfect welds every time.

Our comprehensive solutions and custom pipe welding tools allow precise and repeatable orbital welding of all sizes with fast travel speed. Our systems perform at the highest level of accuracy, providing near-perfect welds with low heat distortion and no material waste. With our machines, you can control a single console’s spot size, gas flow rate, and current output.

At SEC Industrial Inc., we prioritize safety and quality assurance. Our systems have advanced features that enable full automation and the continuous monitoring of welding parameters for improved reliability, process consistency, and weld integrity.

For the best automated orbital welding supplies, trust SEC Industrial Inc. Contact us today to learn more about our orbital welding products and get started on your next project. Maximum productivity awaits.

Orbital Tube & Tig Welding Machines

At SEC Industrial Inc., we have a variety of orbital welding machines, including orbital tube welding machines, orbital tig welding machines, and many other welding equipment options for our customers to shop through. Our automatic orbital welding equipment is designed to meet or exceed the critical welding specifications that require high-quality sound and sanitary repetitive welds with 100% penetratio...
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AMI Orbital Pipe Welding Equipment

Looking for new or up-to-date orbital pipe welding equipment? We can help with that. At SEC Industrial Inc., we have a selection of AMI welding equipment for individuals to browse through. Our selection of pipe weld heads, power supplies and turn-key welding systems are designed for a wide range of applications. We carry model 317 power supply, model 15 weld head, model 79 series weld heads, model 94 id spiral cladding pipe weld head, model 81 small pipe weld head, and remote pendant – pipe....
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Orbital Tube Saw

Prototypes, design, industrial engineering, production, special machines: ever since the foundation of our company, our engineering department has always been an essential component of AXXAIR. All those factors make for a great orbital tube saw. Being a patented manufacturer of orbital tube & pipe processing machines, AXXAIR is constantly exploring new concepts in the field of orbital cutting and beveling....
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RotoWeld-Automated Pipe Spool Welding

Rotoweld-automated pipe spool welding equipment is the ultimate pipe prefabrication solution to increase your productivity and stay competitive in today’s fabrication industry. SEC Industrial is a proud supplier of the top welding machinery from Rotoweld to help companies easily find, install, and use these strategic solutions for their job applications....
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Digital Welding Cameras | Precision Weld Heads

When you need precision weld heads that can perform in heavy industrial and harsh field conditions, SEC Industrial has the solution. When you need quality and tight tolerances, we have the answer. The Model 52 precision weld head is designed for practical use in all positions as well as for high-deposition and flat welding. Keep an eye on the welds with the best digital welding cameras availabl...
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Tube-to-Tubesheet Welding

Working with the highest-quality machines is key to maximizing productivity and consistency within the welding industry. Quality precision is especially pivotal for a tube-to-tubesheet welding project. As a specialty process and technique, tube-to-tubesheet welding must use top-notch equipment to achieve a critical weld again and again. At SEC Industrial, we supply industry-leading TIG weld heads to help you get the job done right....
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