Orbital cutting CC172

Orbital Cutting Tool CC172

The orbital cutting tool CC172 is a robust and powerful orbital cutting machine that provides high-precision cutting without tube deformation. As an innovative evolutive machine, users can transform the improved CC172 model into an orbital beveling or orbital welding machine as needed.

Technical Features

  • Diameter 16 – 173mm
  • Basic stainless steel jaws Ø 2,75” to Ø 6,625″” (74 to 173 mm)
  • Included stainless steel auxiliary jaws Ø 0,625” to Ø 4,65″” (16 to 116 mm)
  • Efficient orbital cutting precision by design: perpendicular cutting <0.25 mm
  • Scalability: upgrade the versatile orbital cutting tool CC172 into a beveling and orbital welding machine
  • Dual-output cutting motor with 2 blade positions for uptake
  • Weight: 51 kg / 112 lbs (easy handling)

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