Rootomatic™ is the ultimate level of Rotoweld automation. And it’s all due to 4D Synergy Welding™ technology, plus real-time image processing of the weld puddle and welding arc.

Fully automated root pass

Rootomatic™ fully automates root pass penetration and prevents missed fusion due to improper arc positioning. It tracks the position of the puddle and the arc to ensure complete fusion of inside edges. It also adapts to the presence of tacks while welding to produce a smooth weld bead ready for the first fill pass.

Minimal welding experience required

The Rootomatic performs a 100% automatic open-bevel root pass at travel speeds between 8 and 10 in./min. (200 and 250 mm /min.) with normal fit-up imperfections (gap variations and high-low) after just 2 to 3 days of training.


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