M-Series Blades

M-Series Blades

Pipe beveling machine blades are strategically designed to cut pipes by material and machine type. These M-Series blades custom-fit specific MILLHOG beveling machines, including the Terminator, Dictator I and II, Commander, Wart, Mini, and Prepzilla. The high-quality design of these cutting blades creates a consistent production of clean, weldable pipe ends in one thorough process.

SEC Industrial supplies M-Series blades for our customer’s industrial applications. We pride ourselves on offering the latest and greatest beveling and welding products in the industry. Designed with the end-user in mind, you can count on these specialty cutting-edge blades for their durability, longevity, and tried-and-tested heat resistance. Contact the SEC team with any further inquiries, or request a quote with us today.

Custom Options

If your bevel requires dimensions other than the blades on this page our factory will grind blades to your exact specifications. Custom cutting blades are a common request but can vary in lead time so please contact our factory for clarification.

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