Remote Pendant – Pipe

Remote Pendant – Pipe

Welding control units—also known as remote pendants (RP)—grant users complete control of welding operations. With remote pendant technology, welding operators no longer have to settle for less-than-ideal settings or conditions during a cycle. Welders have the significant ability to set parameters remotely to increase user safety and boost arc-on time. Improved productivity is yours with a heightened level of weld position and placement flexibility.

SEC Industrial offers a remote pendant for our customers’ ongoing fabrication and fieldwork, including pipe welding functions. The key features of this industrial remote control include its ergonomically engineered design, operator safety protection, user-friendly keypad and touch screen operation system, convenient viewing lenses, and the ability to select, adjust, override, or halt weld programs. Reach out to our team to learn more about this specialty product or request a quote today.


  • Remote control of all welding functions for pipe
  • Ergonomic design
  • Combination of Touch Screen and Keypad entry and operation
  • Ability to select weld programs
  • Ability to execute, adjust, override, and stop weld programs
  • User-Friendly graphic user interface (applies only to M317 pendant)
  • Keypad includes a color reference for similar weld functions
  • Includes operator arc protection (removable/replaceable) with weld viewing lens

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