Digital Viewing System

Welding Camera

AMI’s Digital Viewing System is one of the best digital video welding camera systems on the market. At SEC Industrial, we supply this top-of-the-line viewing system that offers premium image quality and easy-to-use software for orbital welding purposes. This observation system allows simple, automatic operation for a wide variety of applications and technology to provide vibrant full-color viewing of the arc and molten metal at the same time. Users in the industry can benefit from these welding cameras for their nuclear, oil and gas, offshore, and shipyard welding applications.

Beneficial Features

  • Straightforward picture manipulation for clarity
  • Zoom in or out for closer or widened welding camera imaging
  • Digital crosshair activation for easy point referencing during the video stream
  • Image snapshot capabilities for saving and exporting pictures for further analysis
  • Image display size selection alongside on/off LED lighting selection

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