Model 52 Heavy Duty Precision Weld Head

Model 52 Heavy-Duty Precision Weld Head

The specially engineered Model 52 heavy-duty precision weld head is designed for high-deposition circumferential and flat welding in heavy industrial and harsh field applications where quality requirements are stringent and the use of the GTAW process is beneficial. As a heavy-duty precision weld head, model 52 is intended for all-position, automated welding of pipe, plate, or fittings using the Cold or Hot Wire Feed GTAW (TIG) process.

System Features

  • Synchronized torch oscillation
  • 4 in. (102 mm) AVC and oscillator slides
  • Cross-seam steering
  • Exclusive, zero-backlash dual gear drive
  • Digital encoder feedback
  • Water-cooled main housing
  • Tool-less mounting weld head mechanism
  • On-board wire feed mechanics, single or dual wire feed system

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