Flange Facing Machines

Flange Facing Machines

Superior’s O.D. Mount Flange Facers are the ideal machine for facing and end-prepping all types of flange surfaces. These belts driven machines use adjustable cam tensioners driven with a pneumatic motor, producing precise and repeatable results. The slide and compound are guided by a precision ball screw and linear rails resulting in a rigid system with exceptionally smooth travel. The compound can swivel to any angle off vertical providing flexibility to machine a variety of different gasket surfaces.

These Flange Facing machines are packaged with a 1/2” tool holder, air motor, oiler, air hose with control valve and lifting cables. Back facing attachments can be supplied for each size. Superior’s Aluminum O.D. Mount Flange Facers are available in 10”, 13”, 16”, and 20” sizes. Our Steel O.D. Mount Flange Facers are available in 32”, 42”, 52”, 62”,72”, 82”, and 102” sizes. An optional indicator jig is available for precision measuring. For more information on purchasing or renting, request a quote below.


  • Aluminum Available in 10”, 13”, 16”, and 20” Sizes
  • Steel Available in 32”, 42”, 52”, 62”,72”, 82”, and 102” Sizes
  • Belt Driven
  • Both Radial and Axial feeds
  • Manual and Automatic feeds
  • All Types of RMS Finishes
  • Tool Holder for 1/2” Tool Bits
  • Compound Swivels to Machine all Angles, from 0 to 90 Degrees
  • Rigid Construction to Maximize Performance
  • Adjustable Jaws for Fast 4-Jaw Set Up
  • Back Facing Attachments Available
  • All Rotating Parts Concealed Behind Solid Cover
  • Pneumatic and Hydraulic Motors
  • Lifting Cables and Swivel Eyes Provided

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