Standard Bore

Standard Bore Pressure Testing & Isolation Plugs

The Standard Bore Isolation and Pressure Testing Plugs are designed to provide an isolation barrier on localized field repairs and modifications, designed to isolate, monitor and vent hydrocarbon vapors to a safe area. Superior’s plug incorporates unique features such as engineered seal geometry and proprietary material blends to make it the most application-efficient tool on the market while keeping safety the number one goal. ​Superior’s Standard Bore tools are schedule specific to the pipe sizes for 2” SCH40 & 80 and multi-scheduled from 3” thru 42” and each tool can be easily adapted with gripper jaws to make them back pressure rated up to 1,500 PSI.

Standard bore pressure testing involves filling an isolated pipe length with a gas or liquid to a predetermined pressure and measuring the time it takes for the pressure to drop. These pipe plugs for pressure testing can identify potential leaks in the pipeline system and calculate how much fluid you may leak over a specific period. Whether your application requires one or multiple tests, Superior’s Standard Bore Pressure Testing & Isolation Plugs can help you achieve the desired results. For more information on purchasing or renting, request a quote below.

Advantages of Standard Bore Pressure Testing & Isolation Plugs

  • Size Range: 2″ – 42″
  • 3″ and larger tools are multi-schedule
  • Isolate and test with the same tool
  • Lightweight Design: Aluminum Body with Stainless Steel Hardware

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