Model 81 Small Pipe Weld Heads

Model 81 Small Pipe Weld Heads

The Model 81 is a full-function orbital pipe weld head featuring programmable Arc Voltage Control, Torch Oscillation, and onboard Wire Feeder and Travel in a very compact package.

The Model 81 in its standard configuration will weld pipe from 1.9 in. (48 mm) OD to 5.563in. (142 mm) OD with as little as 1.750in. (45 mm) radial clearance and 6.325in. (161 mm) axial clearance.

The Model 81 is employable in utilizations that require high-quality welding results in applications with limited axial and radial clearances. Common uses for the Model 81 include shipbuilding and high-pressure steam piping in fossil fuel power plants and many other applications.

The unique clamping assembly of the Model 81 small pipe weld heads increases production rates by minimizing the mounting and dismounting times of the weld head to as little as 30 seconds each.


      • Servo-controlled:


    •      -AVC
    •      -Synchronized wire feed
    •      -Torch oscillation
  • Motorized torch steering
  • Water-cooled body for use in pre-heated pipes

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