M3-WL03 Precision Welding Lathe

M3-WL03 (Welding Lathe)

The M3-WL03 Precision Weld Lathe is an easy-to-use, servo-driven welding lathe machine that will maximize the operator’s productivity while improving the quality and consistency of each welding operation.

The weld lathe possesses single-point power distribution with 3-phase, 208-amp power.

The modular design allows for long-term repairability, and its flexible configuration makes this machine suitable for a variety of operations and applications. SEC Industrial also offers custom fixturing for more unique welding applications.

No separate programming or software is required for the M3-WL03’s user-friendly PLC-controlled touch screen. The system’s program also allows the user to log weld data for each welding operation.

The M3-WL03 Precision Weld Lathe possesses four CNC controlled axes of movement, which include:

Headstock Rotation

The headstock rotation can be programmed to rotate to allow the weld head to access the entire diameter of the pipe or tube. The rotation speed and direction can be changed using the M3-WL03 program.

X-Axis Travel

Precision linear guide rails combined with precision ball screw allow the weld head to move along the length of the pipe or tube. In addition to standard travel along the pipe length, the servo driven X-axis travel allows the weld head to oscillate across a weld joint. The oscillation length and speed can be adjusted using the weld lathe’s touch screen.

AVC Travel

The Z-axis travel provides servo driven AVC control to maintain the torch offset position relative to the weld joint. With over 5 inches of vertical motion, the system allows for a wide range of pipe sizes to be welded.

Wire Feed

With constant wire feeding, the cold-wire feeder included in the M3-WL03 allows for all weld passes in a single operation to be performed under a single arc, increasing arc-on time and productivity. The wire speed can be adjusted using the M3-WL03 program.

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