Prepzilla MILLHOG

Prepzilla MILLHOG

The Prepzilla MILLHOG is smooth, quiet and powerful. It is highly desired for its ability to bevel difficult pipe alloys like super duplex and P-91 quickly and efficiently. Ruggedly designed for years of trouble free service, the Prepzilla is built with dual opposed tapered roller bearings, heat treated and hardened clamping, cutting and operational components. It can bevel pipe at any angle without cutting fluid for fast fit-up and enables precise pipe joint welds.


  • Only 1 mandrel and 8 sets of clamps to cover the entire range of the tool
  • Third cutter blade tool post expands pipe beveling capacity for beveling, facing and boring simultaneously
  • Low rpm and tremendous torque
  • Produces thick chips on all highly alloyed tube and pipe without cutting fluids
  • Pneumatic and electric motor choices are easily interchangeable
  • Dual opposed tapered toller bearing construction delivers rock solid performance
  • Heavy duty clamping system will not break



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