Esco Tool has an extensive fleet of rental tools. Since we manufacture all of these MILLHOG® end prep tools and abrasive saws for machining and cutting tube and pipe ourselves, they are in-stock and ready to ship when you need them. Most importantly, our large rental fleet consists of the most current models we manufacture. Our goal is to supply the best and most up-to-date rental tools possible.

When your job requires a specific tool, we can provide that tool sized and optimized to get you the best results. So, eliminate capital outlays, tool inventories, and accessories. Simply call us, e-mail, or use the handy on-line rental quote request form and we will promptly respond to your inquiry.

Rental tools are typically shipped within 24-hours. Rental charges start the day your job starts and end the day they are shipped back to our Holliston, MA facility. Free rental during transportation! Place your order early and avoid costly Next Day Delivery shipment charges.

  • Supplied With Everything You Need For Your Job. All MILLHOG I.D. Clamping End Prep Tools include I.D. clamps, hose whip with filter and oiler, all necessary wrenches and a carrying case. Just call Esco during the job if you need more.
  • High Speed Bevelers. Rental includes the tool with built-in oiler, hose whip with filter, plus all the pilots and cutterheads required to do the job. Order all of the High Speed Inserts you need and pay for only those you use and /or do not return.
  • Panel Saw Kits. Included with the weekly rental rate are (2) tracks, (6) weld tabs, air hose with filter and oiler, plus all necessary wrenches. Order as many saw blades as you think you need and only pay for the ones you use and / or do not return. Returned saw blades must be received in “like new” condition.
  • Wrap Track Saw. This rental kit includes the Universal Pipe Trolley, air hose with filter and oiler, plus the necessary wrenches. Our blade policy is the same as above.
  • Rolling Motors and Tube Expanders. Rental kits are available with either a Roll or Lever Throttle and a selection 90, 190 or 280 rpm models. Tube Expanders, spare rolls and mandrels are also available just give us your specifications and we’ll be glad to include everything to get the job done.
  • After Hours, Weekends and Holidays. Our equipment is available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. But we do apply a reasonable charge to after hour, weekend, and holiday shipments, depending on size and number of employees involved.
  • Simple Billing Procedures. Rental is billed in arrears. The first bill is after two weeks and then every four weeks, or when tools are returned. Billing can also be tailored to fit your needs. Consumables are billed at the rental conclusion. Visa, Master Card, and American Express are welcome.
  • No Reconditioning Charges After Rental. Unless tools were misused or abused.
  • Transportation. Equipment is typically in-stock for immediate shipment from our Holliston, MA facility. Outbound freight is prepaid and added to your invoice and return freight may be prepaid or sent freight collect, the cost will be included in your final bill. To help offset rental charges during transportation, we allow time for transportation at no charge.

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