Model 6 Weld Head

Model 6 Weld Head

The rugged, field-proven Model 6 weld head for high-production welding of tube-to-tubesheet uses the GTAW process. The Model 6 weld head has exceptionally fast mount and dismount times for ease of operation and productivity. The torch is positioned on the tube to be welded by a pneumatically operated locating fixture. At the touch of a button, the locating fixture precisely locates itself over the tube for self-supported welding.


  • Rugged, reliable tube-to-tubesheet weld head with 200 A torch
  • Unlimited torch rotation
  • Welds in any position, including overhead
  • Can weld projected or recessed tubes with filler wire, or flush joints without filler wire
  • Makes multiple-pass welds without stopping
  • Air-operated fixtures speed up production
  • Servo-controlled AVC, rotation, and synchronized wire feed
  • Water-cooled torches
  • Adjustable torch tilt
  • Automatically sets distance between the electrode and tubesheet before arc initiation
  • Non-linear vertical tungsten travel prevents tube-end burn-off
  • Pulsed current welding and synchronized pulsed wire-feed

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