Automatic Pipe Spool Welding Machine


The M3 welding system provides users with unmatched productivity due to its integrated pipe welding cell. This fully automatic pipe spool welding machine is highly specialized for industrial spool prefabrication. With full penetration welds and no interpass cooling, the innovative package offers root-to-cap welds with 80-90% arc-on times, providing a revolutionary tool to any pipe fabrication company.

As an automatic pipe spool welding machine, the M3K is the keyhole version specially developed for single-pass industrial pipe or small pressure vessel manufacturing. The nexus of this state-of-the-art technology is the welding machine’s vision-allocated penetration system. Acting comparatively to a traditional welder’s keen eye and hands, the automated system observes the original weld pool image via an integrated video camera installed into the welding arm.

Attributable to the camera-based and robotized nature of the M3K automatic pipe spool welding machine, minimal welding experience is necessary for successful results. Other technical specs and capacities include:


  • 1”–24” pipe rollout welding system
  • 3000 lb. positioner with pipe gripper
  • Height-elevating manipulator with cross slides with 12” stroke
  • PLC controlled with 15” touchscreen
  • 20’ welding cell length
  • 3 in. to 42 in. diameter capacity
  • 10,000 lbs. pipe stand capacity


  • Maxstar 400 welding package
    • Precise setup and power source convenience in any job setting
  • Xiris Weld Vision System
    • Specialized real-time weld monitoring, detection, and performance tracking
  • Tip TIG Hot Wire System
    • Unique technology to enhance overall weld speed, quality, and efficiency
  • Training/Installation x 5 days
    • User-friendliness to easily install, learn, train, and use with minimal experience

SEC Industrial is ready to provide our customers with this seamlessly integrated machine for sustainable business operations. Give us a call now, or complete our online form to learn more about the user-friendly M3 spool welder. Our expert team readily gives advice on the most suitable industrial equipment for your field applications.

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