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Welding 101: What Is Tungsten Inert Gas Welding

Tungsten inert gas, otherwise referred to as TIG or gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW), is a form of welding to create and secure vital pieces of equipment in several industries. A non-consumable tungsten electrode is used for TIG welding. TIG welding requires either argon or helium as a shielding gas for the non-consumable tungsten electrode. […]

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5 Essential Pieces of PPE That Every Welder Needs

We have heard the adage, “Better to be safe than sorry,” for as long as we can remember. When operating a torch to weld metal together, you must prioritize safety first and foremost. Using these five essential pieces of PPE that every welder needs ensures your safety. Hearing Protection It’s critical to protect your ears […]

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The Ultimate Guide to a Career in Welding

It’s always a good feeling to have the qualifications to get you any job you want. With welding, you can gain experience, earn your certifications, and create a bidding war for your service. Follow the ultimate guide to a career in welding to get started. General Welding Job Description There are several responsibilities a welder […]

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5 Basic TIG Welding Tips for Rookie Welders

No matter the field, everyone has some apprehension about the first few days on the job. As a welder, you aren’t expected to master the craft within your first week. Although, using these five basic TIG welding tips for rookie welders puts you on track to success. Give Your Body Support It is critical to […]

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