5 Essential Pieces of PPE That Every Welder Needs

5 Essential Pieces of PPE That Every Welder Needs

April 14, 2022

We have heard the adage, “Better to be safe than sorry,” for as long as we can remember. When operating a torch to weld metal together, you must prioritize safety first and foremost. Using these five essential pieces of PPE that every welder needs ensures your safety.

Hearing Protection

It’s critical to protect your ears from the noise of the welding workshop. By taking the appropriate precautions, you can avoid irreversible damage to your hearing.

According to OSHA mandates, all workers need hearing protection when the noise in a workshop reaches above 85 decibels. Most welding equipment surpasses that volume; some machines are even as loud as 120 decibels. Considering that 120 decibels is the equivalent of a jet engine taking off, you should shield your ears from that ruckus.

Darkening Goggles & Helmet

A welding helmet is usually the most recognizable component of PPE. The classification of these helmets is either fixed shade or auto-darkening. The auto-darkening features of the helmet make it easier for you to perform your job without burning a hole through your retinas.

You can adjust the helmet based on what you’re working on, considering some jobs don’t require the extreme shading that others do. Even with the helmet, don’t forget your safety glasses. You never know when a stray piece of scrap metal will fly upward toward your face.

Welding Gloves

Welding gloves can help protect your hands from the intense heat of the molten metal. You may experience this heat firsthand if you grip metal around the welded regions! Instead of gripping it, first, tap it to ensure it’s not scalding hot.

Never grab a welded-on metal plate because doing so might fade the material of your gloves and wear them out prematurely. There are several pairs of welding gloves you can choose from, so follow the recommendations. For instance, there are specific gloves for various forms of welding like TIG and MIG.

Steel-Toed Boots

Even if you think you are quick on your feet, you may not be fast enough to shift your feet out of harm’s way. Protect your feet from fallen items, shooting sparks, and flaming debris with steel-toed boots. Other heat-resistant foot and leg coverings can also help protect you.

Flame-Retardant Materials

You might not realize the importance of flame-retardant clothing until spatter destroys your lucky shirt! While working, you should wear flame-retardant clothing to keep arc spray from damaging your skin. You must be particularly careful when welding in awkward positions since that leads to more mishaps. But a flame-retardant helmet and coat prevent those sparks from causing a fatal accident.

Next time you’re operating your AMI orbital welder equipment, don’t forget to wear the five essential pieces of PPE that every welder needs. SEC Industrial is your go-to shop for the best welding tools. Browse our products to learn more about what our equipment offers.

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