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5 Tips for Summer Welding in Extreme Heat

Unfortunately, welders don’t have an off-season to recuperate. Even when the sun is smoldering, welders must do their daily duties. They must take additional measures to avoid significant injury or death due to the inherently harsh circumstances during the dog days of summer. Knowing these five tips for summer welding in extreme heat helps you guarantee […]

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Types of Welding Used in the Shipbuilding Industry

In the shipbuilding industry, welding is one of the most prevalent processes for constructing a ship. The advancement of welding technology allows the manufacturing sector to have fully waterproof and oil-tight welds. Compared to riveted connections, welded joints are simpler to create and lower the project’s cycle time. There are several types of welding used in […]

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5 Reasons To Upgrade to an Automated Pipe Spool Welder

In this technologically advanced world, it seems advantageous to use it to your benefit in any way that you can. The welding industry realized this and has upgraded to an automated pipe spool welder. But what drove this change? Keeping Up With the Joneses Extremely trained and competent welders are costly, and with the lack […]

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The Bronze Age, Detroit, and the History of Welding

It’s crazy to imagine a working trade dating back to 5,000-plus years ago, but that’s the case for welding. Between the Bronze age, Detroit, and the history of welding, you will see where it started and the constant innovations that followed. Where It All Started The art of welding dates back to approximately 3000 BC, […]

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Ergonomics & Welding: Why They Go Together

Ergonomics is a high priority when struggling with excessive bodily wear and tear throughout your profession. When your workspace is not ergonomic, you are more likely to sustain debilitating injuries. Learning how ergonomics and welding work together will keep you from wincing in pain with every step, improving your health and productivity. What Is Ergonomics? You don’t […]

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How 3D Metal Printing Might Affect Welding

Many industries are looking to automation and new technology to assist them in various ways. Both offer the same advantage, whether it’s a do-it-yourself checkout counter or a welding robot. 3D printing is another trend that’s gaining traction. Let’s learn how 3D printing might affect welding and what you can do to stay ahead of […]

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