5 Tips for Summer Welding in Extreme Heat

5 Tips for Summer Welding in Extreme Heat

June 30, 2022

Unfortunately, welders don’t have an off-season to recuperate. Even when the sun is smoldering, welders must do their daily duties.

They must take additional measures to avoid significant injury or death due to the inherently harsh circumstances during the dog days of summer. Knowing these five tips for summer welding in extreme heat helps you guarantee your well-being.

Frequent Hydration Breaks

To prevent dehydration, laborers working in any industrial field must drink water and fuel up on electrolytes. This is considerably more crucial if you’re welding. The scorching heat from the sun is minimal compared to the flame within an arm’s length from your face. Combining both elements can make a day seem unbearable.

Heat exhaustion may develop, even if you’re not sweating, so don’t depend on that sign to determine whether you need to take a water break. Know your limitations and err on the side of caution.

Wear the Appropriate Clothing

Welders generally wear heavyweight, closely woven, or 100 percent cotton or wool clothes to protect themselves from the hazards of the job. However, that type of garb isn’t helpful when the temperature outside pushes triple digits.

If the clothing absorbs sweat, you can give lighter apparel a try. You can even opt for welding sleeves to protect yourself when you’re in action, allowing you to keep cool when you’re not yielding the torch.

Try a Welding Umbrella

A welder who is constantly outdoors might wish for cloudy skies to shield themself from the sun. Most of the time you spend outside will be with the sun high in the sky, so investing in a welding umbrella makes perfect sense.

These specially designed umbrellas are durable enough to handle the sun and withstand the spatter and fumes you’ll produce while welding.

Apply Diaper Cream to Problem Areas

Parents use diaper cream to alleviate a baby’s pain from skin irritation. So, why not use that same logic for your skin when it’s under attack constantly? Zinc-oxide diaper cream moisturizes the skin, preventing an infection from forming.

Chafing is all but a guaranteed side effect with your clothes rub against your sweaty skin. Hence, diaper cream can be your best friend this summer.

Cooling Band and Rags

Although you might want to jump into a pool full of ice after a long day, it doesn’t help you during your job hours. The next best thing is utilizing any or all cold-centric gear to get some relief. A cooling band, rags, gloves, or vest its worth exploring if you can’t beat the heat.

Your only concern should be if cooling gear is safe to wear with your other protective gear. You shouldn’t remove essential PPE in favor of a cooling rag.

Ideally, these five tips for summer welding will help you in the extreme heat. Upgrading your orbital welding equipment with an AMI orbital welder from SEC Industrial will surely help your summer welding jobs. We have a wide assortment of welding equipment available, so browse our products to learn more!

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