5 Beginner Welding Mistakes To Avoid at All Costs

5 Beginner Welding Mistakes To Avoid at All Costs

July 8, 2022

Although we’d all like to imagine that we’ll be experts the second we do something new, it takes time and practice before you become a master of your craft. Welding is surely one of those crafts involving some hiccups along the way, but avoiding these five beginner welding mistakes gets you off on the right foot.

Not Wearing the Appropriate PPE

When looking at a priority checklist when welding, wearing the appropriate PPE should top everyone’s list. You can always correct a shoddy weld or repair a piece of equipment, but what happens to your body could be irreversible.

Many things could cause bodily injuries, including burns, hearing loss, blurry vision, and even dismemberment if you don’t take the proper precautions. Every welder should wear the following items while they work: hearing protection, safety glasses, an auto-darkening helmet, and steel-toed boots.

Losing Your Spot During the Welding Process

It’s not easy to keep your weld on track, especially if your auto-darkening helmet makes it challenging to see. The helmet must allow you to detect flashes and sparks while you’re welding. At the same time, the helmet lowers your chances of losing your spot during the weld because you won’t have to fiddle with the face shield.

Feeling Uncomfortable

Rookie welders often make the mistake of being too tense during their first few attempts, considering they don’t want to make a mistake early on. The best way for a welder to operate the torch effectively and consistently is to get in a comfortable position.

While that sounds easy enough, it can sometimes be burdensome based on your working environment. The tighter and more fatigued you feel, the more errors will occur. If your welds are low-quality, you could lose valuable time and money.

It takes practice, but putting yourself in a calm mindset before initiating your arc and maintaining that serenity during the weld will provide better results.

Some techniques like TIG welding allow the operator to sit and work on a piece. Taking advantage of things like sitting while yielding the torch ensures top-notch welds.

Not Cleaning Properly

Despite some welding methods frequently tolerating oil or other impurities, your weld will be significantly cleaner if you remove contaminants from the weld joint. As a TIG welder, verify that you’re using the necessary solvent, like acetone. Paint thinner and other types of solvents may contribute to weld defects.

Giving Up Because of Frustration

Finally, the last mistake has nothing to do with safety tips or the correct welding technique. Instead, it solely has to do with your mental well-being and attitude.

Don’t give up!

Not everyone has the gusto for welding in their first few months on the job, particularly if there are constant errors. Know that you will improve, and welding may become your favorite art form!

Avoiding these beginner welding mistakes at all costs guarantees your readiness to tackle any welding project in the future. SEC Industrial has all the tools you could need to make your job easier and your welds better. Items like a portable impact wrench have proven to be successful worldwide, giving welders their desired results.

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