What Tools Can Make a Welder’s Life Easier?

What Tools Can Make a Welder’s Life Easier?

July 15, 2022

Every welder knows the importance of PPE to keep them safe while working. However, other commodities can be useful on the job. Recognizing what tools can make a welder’s life easier allows them to make significant improvements.

Chipping Hammer

As the weld forms the slag from the condensation of MIG welding, you may have to make some alterations. A chipping hammer allows you to make more precise adjustments. Because one end of the hammer is pointy while the other is flat, it’s useful for any slag you encounter. It’s not a tool you will use an inordinate amount, but it’s nice to have on hand for performing accurate welds.

Soapstone Marker

Although the soapstone doesn’t consist of soap, it’s a useful tool to make your marks. When you mark with soapstone, you can easily wipe it away from the metal, helping with intricate shapes, uneven lines, and other designs that can make the weld challenging. Thus, you can think of soapstone as the chalk for metal.

Soapstone is the preferred method for welding because it endures high temperatures compared to other materials like graphite.

Speed Square

Of all the tools on this list, you will use a speed square the most. A speed square allows you to get a piece’s measurements at various angles. It’s difficult to weld when you don’t have the correct measurements, which is why you will be reaching for this helpful instrument daily.

Angle Grinder

An angle grinder can cut metal stock and sheet metal when a job requires it. Additionally, it helps you prepare the metal before you start welding.

It’s crucial to clean any metal you get from using the angle grinder to limit welding defects like cracking and porosity. A wire brush is something else you can use for cleaning, but an angle grinder saves you time. An angle grinder is perfect for polishing welds if your chipping hammer cannot remove the excess slag.

Sheet Metal Gauge

You don’t want to be halfway through the process only to realize that the metal you’re dealing with is too thick. Hence, having a steel metal gauge is necessary to ensure you’re using the correct metal.

Eyeballing things can work for things like a recipe or if you can color within the lines, but all welds must be exact. Even if it’s off a fraction of a millimeter, it could render the piece useless. Many welders have a sizing chart they can look at to guarantee they use the correct settings based on the metal’s thickness.

There’s no shortage of items and tools that can make a welder’s life easier. Whether it’s something simple such as these, or something more complex, it’s nice to rely on tools you can trust. SEC Industrial can be your source for all your welding equipment. Our innovative technology and intelligent software make tools like our automated pipe cutter a hot commodity. You can watch our featured videos on how our machines work and feel free to contact us with any questions.

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