5 Reasons To Upgrade to an Automated Pipe Spool Welder

5 Reasons To Upgrade to an Automated Pipe Spool Welder

June 22, 2022

In this technologically advanced world, it seems advantageous to use it to your benefit in any way that you can. The welding industry realized this and has upgraded to an automated pipe spool welder. But what drove this change?

Keeping Up With the Joneses

Extremely trained and competent welders are costly, and with the lack of these individuals in the job market, businesses must pay top dollar to acquire them for their shops. Other than manual labor costs, the price of materials continues to rise every year.

Consequently, fabricators will have to compete with overseas competitors that have a stranglehold on the international market. Upgrading to automated pipe welding gives your business a chance to compete with other firms, especially if they aren’t utilizing it and rely solely on human laborers.

Shortage of Skilled Workers

The welding sector is amid a severe labor shortage, and this projection will have ramifications for a wide range of industries, including the shipbuilding, oil, and nuclear sectors. Implementing automation is an excellent solution that addresses the labor crisis because it boosts crew efficiency. If you’re operating in an industry that is experiencing a labor shortage, automation is one of the best ways to combat it.

Adapts To Variation

Automation can still fumble large differences, such as inadequate joint fit-up or uneven component shape. This is why you can’t completely replace the human portion of the labor force. The operator may modify basic welding settings on the fly and respond to any inconsistencies.

For example, if the torch position isn’t where it should be, an operator can fix it with a few clicks. Adapting to certain variations makes automation a valuable resource, particularly when there’s a human being nearby.

A Collaborative Effort

An automated pipe spool welder can work with an untrained operator to do the job. A competent welder understands what makes a strong weld; however, it may take years to have the muscle memory to do it consistently.

A rookie operator learns fast how to create excellent welds and read weld pools. Automation manages muscle memory, which many welders struggle to master.

Struggling To Meet High Demand

Even if you have a team of skilled personnel, satisfying client requests consistently might be difficult. However, boosting capacity without raising your fixed expenditures is a more cost-effective option. Having high fixed costs hampers controlling the volatile nature of the fabrication business.

Automation may be able to alleviate you of this added risk your market is projecting to rise in demand. Welding automation increases output without disrupting the manufacturing flow.

These reasons should help you see the value behind an automated pipe spool welder. If your shop needs an integrated pipe spool welding machine, please consider SEC Industrial as your supplier. Our M3 and M3K pipe spool welding machines are custom-designed pieces of machinery for cutting-edge pipe construction. This customized integrated pipe spool welding station employs cutting-edge turnkey technology to perform multi-pass or single-pass keyhole welds.

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