5 Basic TIG Welding Tips for Rookie Welders

5 Basic TIG Welding Tips for Rookie Welders

April 1, 2022

No matter the field, everyone has some apprehension about the first few days on the job. As a welder, you aren’t expected to master the craft within your first week. Although, using these five basic TIG welding tips for rookie welders puts you on track to success.

Give Your Body Support

It is critical to have a strong hand or arm support to move the torch with precision. With the proper support of the base of your hands and wrists, welders are operating at their best. Typically, with the additional support, you can comfortably rest your wrists on the welded portion.

Utilizing a variety of wooden or metal blocks beside the welding table gives you an accessible option to rest your hands on while using the torch. Many welders use specific support bars to move their torch hand, assisting them by tracking the joint with precision.

If there is nothing nearby to use for hand support, you can try putting your hip against something immobile to provide some stability as you are working.

Don’t Sweat the Techniques

On the more technical side, one of the most important TIG welding tips to know is that maximizing your power doesn’t lead to better results, considering it leads to burns wrecking the piece. Thus, don’t exceed the recommended capacity to produce a robust and quality weld.

An additional technical component a novice must implant in their memory is the angle of the torch. It needs to be at least 15-20 degrees away from the workpiece, increasing the visibility of what you are working on and producing the pinpoint accuracy any welder seeks.

Keep Everything Clean

To create a powerful welding arc, you must use clean metals. An unkempt and dirty area leads to several impurities that lead to additional complications. You should use a gentle brush to clean aluminum and stainless steel. Items like a strong degreaser on a specific wire brush do wonders to ensure a safe work environment. However, do not use that same brush for other types of metal, or else there could be a more significant issue.

React Swiftly To Contamination

Tungsten electrodes release a small amount of radiation. As a result, you must wear personal protective equipment that shields you from these emissions. Similarly, we recommend that you practice TIG welding in a well-ventilated place to avoid dust from affecting the quality of your work.

If there is contamination in your area, it is critical to replace any contaminated material as soon as possible. Something like pre-sharpened electrodes allows you to quickly replace a contaminated one without having to leave your area.

Practice Makes Perfect

Many seasoned welders get into the most comfortable posture they can using those support blocks, and run their hands on the route they will take while they weld. You’ll frequently discover that slightly adjusting your position allows you to make a longer pass or maneuver your hands with less strain. Any tension in your positioning will hurt the weld. Thus, by practicing, you also establish critical muscle memory when you do it for real.

These five basic TIG welding tips for rookie welders are essential for mastering the craft. Plus, they can be helpful reminders for seasoned welders. If you are looking for the best orbital welding tools for you or your shop, look at SEC Industrial’s splendid inventory and see if something fills your needs. Our expert staff will be more than happy to find the perfect piece for you.

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