The Advantages of Remote Pendants for Welding

The Advantages of Remote Pendants for Welding

December 12, 2022

Welding is one of the most important jobs in the entire industrial complex. The ability to join pieces of metal is absolutely foundational to every aspect of modern society, from the way we build cars to the buildings we live and work in.

Welding often occurs in places that are hard for human bodies to reach, which is one reason we use automated welding equipment. However, this can mean sacrificing some of the knowledge and skill that only human welders can provide. Discover the advantages of remote pendants for welding.

Combine Human Skill With Computer Precision

We use automated welding equipment because it can fit into places that are hard for people to reach with manual welding tools. Computers also allow for greater precision than human beings welding by hand.

However, a computer can only do what the user tells it, and some welds may require more strategizing by a real person. Remote pendants allow human welders to make adjustments to a weld cycle before, during, and after it runs.

Make Controlling Weld Cycles Easier

If you want to change the settings of a weld cycle while it’s running and you don’t have a remote pendant, you’ll have to walk over to the power supply. The power supply includes all the controls for the welding equipment, but it may not be close to the weld site. In fact, it can be dangerous to have the power supply too close to the welding equipment while it’s running.

An advantage of remote pendants for welding is the ability to make adjustments while standing near the weld site. You can watch exactly what the automated welder is doing and make changes as it runs.

Equipment From the Experts

If you need orbital pipe welding equipment, take a look at our impressive stock at SEC Industrial. We carry large and small pipe welding equipment and remote pendants to give you full control over your weld cycles. Contact us today to learn how we can help you become more efficient and accurate in your welding projects.

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