Air vs. Water Cooling for Orbital Weld Heads

Air vs. Water Cooling for Orbital Weld Heads

December 2, 2022

Orbital welding is a critical tool used in various industries, including aerospace, shipbuilding, oil and gas, and all kinds of engineering. It helps workers complete welds in hard-to-reach locations that require the highest level of precision. Every orbital welding system requires a cooling system to keep the welding head from overheating. Learn the difference between air and water cooling for orbital welding heads.

Cooling in Orbital Welding

No matter what type of orbital welder you use, you’ll need a cooling system. The cooling system in a welder keeps the head from overheating, which can cause it to stop working properly. It also prevents the weld itself from getting heat damage, which can weaken it. In orbital welding, there are two types of cooling systems: air and water cooling.

The Benefits of Water Cooling

Water cooling is by far the most common type of cooling system used in welding. It uses a recirculating coolant to provide the weld head with a constant supply.

Water cooling is often the best choice for businesses that specialize in welding and need high-volume equipment that can run for longer periods of time. This is because water cooling increases the duty cycle of a welder, which is the amount of time that the welder can run continuously before needing to be rested. It also works well with high-amperage welds.

The Benefits of Air Cooling

Air cooling is a different system that doesn’t require as much equipment as water cooling. You don’t need coolant lines or a radiator, and there’s never any worry about your coolant leaking. Since there’s not very much equipment involved, an air cooling system tends to be cheaper and portable, which can be a better choice for smaller welding operations.

The downside to using an air cooling system is that they don’t have as high of a duty cycle as water cooling methods allow for. They also work more effectively with low-amperage welds.

Choosing the Right Cooling System

The main difference between air and water cooling for orbital welding heads lies in the duty cycle and upfront cost. Larger welding operations should expect to use a water cooling system, while smaller ones can probably stick with air cooling.

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