All You Need To Know About Fire Blankets for Welding

All You Need To Know About Fire Blankets for Welding

November 22, 2022

Welding is a craft that uses powerful tools to bond metal together. However, by using tools that emit high-temperature flames, there is always a slight risk of something going wrong. You can mitigate these risks with proper training, but it’s always good to have a plan in place to help ensure your safety. Here is all you need to know about fire blankets for welding to help keep yourself and your work area secure.

The Point of a Fire Blanket

Fire blankets are a safety tool that allows people to help extinguish a flame or prevent sparks from igniting something flammable. The material these blankets are made of is fire retardant. When placed over an existing fire, the blanket can smother the flame and put it out. These are amazing tools in case of emergencies. When welding, this blanket serves the additional function of protecting you from slag during the job.

Benefits During Welding

The protective capabilities of welding blankets are great as a preventative measure during the welding process. Using one can’t guarantee that you won’t experience any injuries from flying sparks or slag, but it is a great way to reduce the chances by a large margin. Before considering the capabilities of a fire blanket, it’s always best to prioritize good practice and technique.

Limits of a Fire Blanket

These tools are useful for reducing the effects of small to medium fires. When doing fieldwork, it’s important to consider the level of risk you are working with. Slag released from orbital welding tools is an example of something that a fire blanket can mitigate. However, extra precautions are recommended to prevent potentially serious damage if you work next to highly flammable or explosive material.

Welders use various safety tools to maintain a specific level of safety. However, this is not always enough to guarantee nothing goes wrong. Aside from following standard safety procedures, knowing all about fire blankets for welding is a good way to bolster your confidence.

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