The 10 Highest-Paying Welding Jobs To Pursue in 2023

The 10 Highest-Paying Welding Jobs To Pursue in 2023

December 13, 2022

If you enjoy working with your hands and you have a superior eye for detail, you might enjoy a career as a welder. Welding jobs typically pay well, and you can make even more money as your experience grows. However, they can also be dangerous since you’re often working around flammable materials. Discover the 10 highest-paying welding jobs to pursue in 2023.

Why You Should Consider Welding as a Career

Welding is a job that requires hard work and attention to detail, but it can be very rewarding. As you explore different welding careers, keep in mind that you’ll earn more money with experience. In addition, higher-paying jobs require more education, and some states have better rates.

Experience and Education

Many of the jobs on our list require quite a bit of experience before you can get started. This is because these jobs are often dangerous as you may be working with flammable materials. Since some of these jobs require a high level of precision, you’ll also need a degree in a relevant field, like engineering. Some jobs may even require additional skills, like diving.

States With the Best Pay Rates

Some states in the US have better pay rates for welding jobs. These states have higher rates because they need more welders. Many of the states below have thriving gas, oil, and mining industries. The best states for welding are:

  • Alaska
  • Hawaii
  • North Dakota
  • Nevada
  • Wyoming
  • West Virginia

The Best Welding Jobs for 2023

Below are our picks for the 10 highest paying welding jobs to pursue in 2023. On average, these jobs offer salaries between 50,000 and 90,000 dollars per year. Of course, experience and education will influence your actual pay rate.

1. Underwater Welding

One of the highest-paying jobs for welders is to work on an offshore oil rig. Such welders receive some of the highest compensation rates because their job is incredibly dangerous and socially isolating. Offshore welders can expect to dive into icy cold waters to maintain parts of the oil rig. And they must always live with the threat of a dangerous explosion blowing up the rig.

One of the other reasons for higher compensation is that underwater welders must live on the rig for several weeks at a time. This means not seeing family or friends and having very little personal space. However, offshore welders get several weeks off after a shift on the rig, so some people come to enjoy the unique work-life balance this job offers.

2. Land-Based Oil Rig Welding

Land-based oil rig workers may not have to dive, but they still have a dangerous job. Oil rigs are dangerous structures that pull flammable natural resources out of the earth. Working on a rig is always moderately dangerous, even with a highly skilled team. However, the nice thing is that rig welders don’t need to live on the rig and can return home after their shift is over.

3. Industrial Pipeline Welder

One thing most people don’t know about pipeline welding is that the job requires a lot of travel. Rather than working at a specific site, you’ll often have to drive out to the job site. This sometimes means working late or even overtime before returning home. Pipeline workers may also have to make repairs in sewers, so it’s important to have a strong stomach when it comes to bad smells.

4. Military Support Welder

Working for the military can net you a good pay rate and decent job security, which is why many people choose it. However, welding for the military can mean lots of different things. You might be in a fabrication workshop, or you could be living overseas, repairing tanks and equipment. These jobs vary widely as the military has many different needs for welding.

5. Nuclear Industry Welder

The nuclear power industry is another industry that requires a lot of welding. Plants need welders to make repairs to the structure, or you might find work on nuclear-powered ships. Since you’ll be working near nuclear power sources, there is always a danger of radioactivity and explosion, so the job does have its risks. While working at a plant offers a more predictable work schedule, working on a ship could be more exciting.

6. Welding Engineer

Welding engineering is a job that combines hands-on welding knowledge with expertise in engineering and product design. These welders work with companies to develop fabrication plans for their products. Other welders must be able to understand and follow the plans, which is why the engineer must know how welding works. Hiring a welding engineer offers companies a more efficient design solution that eliminates the need to consult multiple people.

7. Aerospace Industry Welder

One thing defines working in the aerospace industry: paperwork. If you want to build parts for jets and other aircraft, you’ll need to be okay with a lot of accountability documentation. The nice thing is that you can choose between jobs that make the same parts over and over and ones that work on specific projects before moving on.

8. Welding Technician

A welding technician is a standard welding job, where your main duties are to (you guessed it) weld products. These jobs tend to take place in fabrication shops, where you’ll be given different assignments to complete.

9. Certified Welding Inspector

Certified welding inspectors (CWIs) are responsible for keeping other welders accountable. They’re responsible for knowing all the rules and regulations, as well as the best welding techniques. You’ll help other welders plan their tasks for the day, then look over the work when it’s done for any mistakes. To be a CWI, you need to be an excellent welder yourself.

10. Combo Welder

A combo welder is a lot like a welding technician but with more variables. A combo welder needs to be able to read schematics and work on a job site instead of working in a fabrication shop. Lots of combo welders work on construction sites, where they do a variety of jobs depending on what’s needed.

Welding Support from the Experts

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The 10 Highest-Paying Welding Jobs To Pursue in 2023

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