How Welding Automation Can Benefit Small Shops

How Welding Automation Can Benefit Small Shops

May 15, 2023

Welding automation is no longer a luxury that only large manufacturing companies can afford. With technological advancements, welding automation has become more accessible to small shops.

Small shops can now benefit from increased productivity, improved weld quality, and minimized costs with welding automation. Let’s dive into how welding automation can benefit small shops to help them become more successful.

Increased Productivity

Welding automation can substantially improve productivity by automating repetitive welding procedures. Automated welding machines can weld faster and more consistently, reducing the time spent on each unit. With the right setup, automation will eliminate the need for manual labor, so your workers can focus on other tasks that require their skills. Automated welding can also operate continuously, so there is no time loss during breaks and shift changes like in manpower-based welding procedures. Hence, reduced inactivity can increase production.

Improved Weld Quality

Precision and consistency are the hallmarks of automated welding and can improve the overall quality of welds. The machines can maintain welding parameters and weld quality over long periods to produce excellent welds that meet the client’s requirements. Also, automated welding equipment allows for welding on irregular or complex surfaces, allowing for intricate designs. The accuracy and precision of automated welding ensure that each piece gets properly welded, reducing scrap and rework and ultimately saving you time, resources, and costs.

Increased Safety

Manual welding is a sometimes risky job that exposes welders to hazards like heat, fumes, smoke, and burns. Automated welding can insulate workers from these risks, as the machines are in a secure environment. Welding machines increase safety because they can handle hazardous and complicated welding jobs with little or no risk to the workers. Automation removes workers from the welding booth, liberating them from fumes and smoke and reducing workplace health and safety concerns.

Reduced Production Costs

Automated welding reduces production costs by minimizing labor expenses, increasing production rates, and reducing material waste. Machines need less maintenance and produce less scrap, which saves on maintenance costs, material replacements, and unplanned downtime caused by broken equipment. The machines consume minimal power, and as the workplace environment is safer with fewer on-floor staff requirements, you’ll spend less on safety equipment purchases, such as gloves and other equipment.

Flexibility of Production

Automated welding machines offer flexibility, as you can quickly retool, adjust, and program the machines for new product types. When a small shop invests in automated welding equipment, it can scale the production according to the demand or change. The machines are capable of welding just about anything, and it’s easy to reprogram them for different tasks, saving time and reducing downtime.

The advantages of automated welding for small shops are numerous, ranging from increased productivity and improved quality to reduced costs and increased flexibility in production. Welding automation is more affordable than ever, and small shops can take advantage of the technology to grow and scale their production operations. Small shops that embrace automation will stay competitive in the industry and provide high-quality products to their clients.

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