5 Tips for Inert Gas Weld Purging of Pipes

5 Tips for Inert Gas Weld Purging of Pipes

August 3, 2021

To purge or not to purge? The answer depends on your chosen technique, welding method, and metal. Why use purging? Producing a steady, clean, and long-lasting weld isn’t a mystery—it’s simply a structured process. TIG welding is a procedure that creates an intense blaze of heat and generates an oxidation reaction between the metal and oxygen within the air. This residual oxidation weakens the overall weld and pipe structure.

Purging prior to pipe welding eradicates the need to remove such oxidation after a weld. Essentially, welders save time and aggravation by performing the process in advance. Here are five tips for inert gas weld purging of pipes.

Select Reliable Sealing Materials

The welder must adequately seal the pipe before purging. Depending on the size of the piping piece or tubing system, various sealings and fittings will protect the weld. For smaller pieces, you can choose solid stoppers or covers of sturdy material. Larger systems with more piping could benefit from removable dams or water-soluble seals. Review substance specs and consider your options of available materials before making a decision.

Be Cautious About Inert Gas Flow

Purging isn’t complex, but it does require caution and care. To control the environment inside the pipe, remain cautious when pouring gas into the system. The flow strategy depends on the type of inert gas you use. Argon is heavier than air and should flow from the bottom to the top of the purge space. Helium is lighter than air and should flow from the highest point to the base. Stay cognizant of maximum oxygen content when filling the chamber.

Slow Down: Don’t Rush the Sequence

To avoid delaying production, ensure complete air removal before starting the welding sequence. Allow the system enough time to fully purge before welding. When waiting for the purge, practice the weld you will make.

Use a Monitor to Measure Effectiveness

Utilizing a weld purge monitor belongs on the list of the top five tips for inert gas weld purging of pipes. These specialized monitors assist the welder by measuring the effectiveness of the purge.

Reduce Purging and Welding Time With Quality Tools

Preparation is key for TIG welding applications. A quality weld resulting from a purging process requires the use of user-friendly and functional pipe equipment. Utilize new or up-to-date orbital welding equipment to increase the efficiency of the entire welding process.

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