5 Benefits of Using Heavy Duty Torque Multipliers

5 Benefits of Using Heavy Duty Torque Multipliers

August 16, 2021

Torque multipliers are one of the most powerful and wonderful tools in the world. These innovative tools help operators work smarter instead of harder. Various types of torque multipliers exist in today’s market, but each function with one task in mind: facilitating the fastening and loosening of industrial nuts and bolts.

Within industries, torque multipliers work to amplify force with leverage. The gear arrangement is relatively basic, but their power is anything but standard. Multipliers provide higher levels of torque output for heavy-duty industrial applications. Let’s examine closer five benefits of using heavy-duty torque multipliers for assembly or fieldwork.

User-Friendliness: Ease of Application

Out of the five benefits of using heavy-duty torque multipliers, ease of use tops the list. Any torque multiplier will provide greater ease for the task of loosening and tightening bolts, but heavy-duty torque tools are ideal for continuous operation. Through easing manual input effort, operators can apply higher torque for a variety of industry-specific applications. This smoother usage helps operators move heavy-duty bolts and fasteners without interruption or impact.

Eliminate Space or Job Limitations

Certain industrial jobs require work in less-than-optimal spaces or situations. Torque multipliers are extremely beneficial in these types of circumstances—any job or project requiring ample amounts of torque is still possible to complete. Conveniently, torque multipliers don’t have long handles; they can achieve the right level of torque, even in tight or awkward spaces.

Enhanced Safety Aspects

Compared to manual multipliers, heavy-duty torque multipliers reduce the muscle, joint, bone, and hearing injuries generally associated with impact wrenches and tools. This reduction of dangerous hazards in the work area greatly benefits tool operators since they feel no direct force transmission. Combined with an automatic shut-off due to pre-set torque value, torque multipliers can prevent permanent damage to products and people alike.

Greater Precision and Accuracy

High grades of precision specification are possible with torque multipliers. These tools provide speed and accuracy that operators can fully depend on. Due to the ability to control tightening force, a torque multiplier allows a slower, measured motion with defined torque levels. The advantage lies in the steadier speed. Slowing down saves time to tighten bolts and fasteners to precise positions; there’s no need to go back or readjust to standard.

Improved Worker Efficiency and Productivity

Torque multipliers designed for heavy-duty applications—such as pneumatic torque multipliers—speed up the production process. By effectively reducing fatigue to joints and fasteners during assembly procedures, these tools prevent disruption or destruction by an operator’s error. This enhanced productivity ensures work gets completed properly without the need for future repairs or redoes. A business that can complete projects efficiently with such tools is a cost and time-saving operation.

Are you in need of an electric or pneumatic torque multiplier? SEC Industrial supplies torque systems that provide uniform and continuous rotational movement for industrial applications. Our assortment of torque equipment adequately provides the necessary torque for tight fastening or unfastening of bolts. If you have a question about one of our specialty products, contact us today to learn more.

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