5 Advantages of Renting Orbital Welding Machines

5 Advantages of Renting Orbital Welding Machines

October 28, 2021

Operating a welding business comes with a plethora of costs. How can you find and achieve a competitive edge in the industry? Have you ever explored the possible solution of renting specialty welding equipment to improve your bottom line?

Let’s examine why you should consider renting an equipment rental arrangement for your business. Here are five advantages of renting orbital welding machines.

A Leading Edge: Access To Updated Technology

Equipment for hire offers a superior benefit to modern companies: access to the latest tech on the market while maintaining cost control. On our list of the five main advantages of renting orbital welding machines, this accessibility tops the list to stay ahead of the competition. If your shop or job site doesn’t have the current capacity for big purchases, you can still use the latest models.

Specialty Applications: Flexible Need Support

If your company has project-specific needs, you may already have your own welding equipment. However, you might still need access to automated orbital tools for short-term projects. If a job you’re bidding on has unique welding requirements, it pays better to rent specialty gear rather than invest in something you may not use regularly. This flexibility allows you to meet needs, solve logistics problems, and avoid losing precious time and money.

Reliable Equipment: Operating Solutions

Another benefit of renting automated welding machinery is the reliability factor. Renting tools and equipment for quality suppliers means you have a service team by your side. Your rental equipment from trustworthy brands will come fully inspected and calibrated to ensure steady operation. This could be a great solution for your welding business if you need dependable machinery in a rush.

Cost-Savings: Preserve Current Resources

When you think of cost savings, money is the resource at the forefront. But do you know a vital resource that’s as valuable to your business as money? Space. Rental welding machinery saves you upfront purchasing costs, but it also eliminates overhead costs from storage needs. These savings are a win-win for facilities with limited resources or shops currently managing smaller spaces.

Try Before You Buy: Purchasing Clarity

On the flip side, renting welding machines allows businesses to try equipment before investing in their own. The hands-on experience provides purchasing clarity. Businesses can test our products at their own pace to determine if they’re suitable for their own operations. When you do this, you can reduce the possibility of purchasing machinery that doesn’t meet your needs and reduce profit loss long term.

If your business needs top-notch gear, such as orbital pipe welding equipment, consult SEC Industrial. We have an up-to-date inventory selection of AMI orbital welding equipment to rent or buy for your operations. We have the right kind of high-quality equipment to meet your specialty welding applications. Browse through our product availability to learn more, or feel free to contact us with any questions. As a trusted resource in the industry, we’re always here to help.

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