3 Key Ways Automated Welding Saves You Time

3 Key Ways Automated Welding Saves You Time

January 24, 2022

The trend of companies utilizing automation isn’t going away anytime soon. For welding, automated tools help get the desired results without wasting precious time. Here are three key ways automated welding saves you time.

More Productive and Flexible

Automated welding is valuable because it can help accomplish tasks much more efficiently than manual labor. In fact, you can finish jobs up to five times quicker with automated welding. Using these tools to weld prevents process inconsistencies, as task automation consistently gives you repeated motions.

However, task adjustment is simple because automated tools have numerous adjustable options. Having the flexibility allows workers to fulfill any specifications without a hitch. In addition, automation circumvents the need for slowing down. Automated welding tools can go for multiple hours, increasing the output dramatically.

Better for Safety

Manual welding requires laborers to constantly come in contact with equipment that may cause injury. Working with welding torches for long hours can severely strain your arms, shoulders, and back.

Luckily, automated welding bypasses this concern, minimizing any pain or discomfort you are experiencing. Thus, working with these tools lets you stay active longer, as it helps reduce breaks and downtime.

A Cost-Efficient Advantage

Although you may be a magician with the torch in your hand, it’s virtually impossible to be perfect and avoid mistakes. Snafus can lead to wasting valuable materials and allocating work hours for cleanup. If you are cleaning up, you’re not adding to the total output, hindering your productivity. Therefore, automated welding is a cost-efficient solution to increase production without straining the budget.

Additionally, these measures provide an advantage over a company’s competitors. You want to be the business that customers rely on to get the job done right. After all, mastering quantity without compromising quality improves the overall efficiency of any welding business.

Using technology to your benefit can help your business. These three key ways automated welding saves you time prove that automated welding is the best option. At SEC Industrial, we have several tools that fit your needs, including a high torque hydraulic wrench. Check out the inventory of our reliable, crafted tools today!

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