3 Essential Tips for Welding in Extremely Hot Weather

3 Essential Tips for Welding in Extremely Hot Weather

January 12, 2022

Working in warmer weather certainly has its benefits. However, it can be dangerous if you don’t take the proper precautions, especially if you are a welder. Follow these three essential tips for welding in extremely hot weather to stay safe.

Lower the Amperage

When you weld in sweltering conditions, the amperage in your MIG gun may need an adjustment. If a job requires a 500-amp gun, you’re better off going for a lower amperage tool because it’s lighter and doesn’t get nearly as hot.

A MIG gun will rarely be firing on all cylinders in any given workday. Certain MIG guns can go 100 percent duty cycle, whereas other options may be lower than 60 percent. It’s vital to know what your gun can do before you purchase, even if you don’t ever plan on unleashing its full power. If the weather is unforgiving, dial it down.

Get a Cooler Handle

The handle of your MIG gun radiates heat, which isn’t ideal when you’re working on a sweltering summer day. Higher amperage requires your handle and cable to be larger. Therefore, opt for a smaller handle and minimize the gun’s heat so it doesn’t badly affect you.

If you truly want to alleviate your heating concerns, get handles with ventilation. Numerous manufactures have alternative handles that work for you based on your grip. Whatever selection you choose, make sure that it’s light, comfortable, and easy to handle.

Stay Light and Stay Cool

Your power cables need to be short, sweet, and lightweight. The smaller, lighter cables provide more flexibility without compromising the effectiveness of your tools.

Similarly, while it’s tempting to ditch some clothing to stay cool, you should never, ever do this. There are reasons it’s a requirement, and it’s not worth discovering the consequences. Never remove the essential protective equipment for your comfort. Supplementary garb like cooling vests will keep your body temperature in check without you putting yourself in harm’s way.

Follow these three essential tips for welding in extremely hot weather next time you find yourself in an uncomfortably hot situation. SEC Industrial is a proud supplier of welding equipment, including their automated pipe spool welding machine! So, if you need any welding essentials, our team will be happy to point you in the right direction.

The theme of staying cool in toasty circumstances is going lighter and smaller.

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