Why Is Orbital Welding Considered Hot Work?

Why Is Orbital Welding Considered Hot Work?

September 19, 2022

Typically, if a job operation makes use of welding or flame cutting, it is aptly labeled as a “hot work” job. However, this label has several specifications that are good to know and understand. The main reason such priority is given to this label is for the safety of the workers and welders who use it daily. Knowing why orbital welding is considered hot work is good for a better understanding of the risks is good.

Confined Spaces

Normally, hot work in a confined space is ill-advised for the most part. Due to the risk of flames interacting with certain compounds in the air, the risk is not normally worth it. For this reason, the work area’s atmosphere is normally tested before any work has begun. By testing the surrounding area, you free yourself of the burdens of potential hazards that can hinder the job or hurt the workers.

Fire Hazards

The benefit of an orbital welding machine is that despite it still using a typical process, it can be placed in an isolated area. While an operator is still needed, this allows the environment around the machine to be controlled for safety reasons. High-quality welds are difficult due to the angles needed to continue a weld. Orbital fusion welding equipment specializes in minimizing risk while maintaining high-grade standards.


Due to the nature of the work these tools perform, hot work permits are needed to continue operation within a facility. Despite not being a manual job that does welding by hand, the act of creating the weld is enough to categorize the machines as hot work. It’s a good idea for an owner of one of these machines to be aware of the status of the permit, as they typically last for 30 days at a time.

There are several methods involved in getting a proper weld done right. Using orbital welding equipment further facilitates a business’s consistently outputting high-quality results. However, safety precautions are still prioritized when the operator is within a reasonably safe distance of the machine. For that reason, it’s good to know why orbital welding is considered hot work in the first place.

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