What Are the Best Tools for a Mobile Welding Truck?

What Are the Best Tools for a Mobile Welding Truck?

April 17, 2023

What Are the Best Tools for a Mobile Welding Truck?

Many of the highest-paying welding jobs involve quite a bit of travel. These include pipeline welding and construction welding jobs, which require welders to visit different jobsites instead of working in a shop. If you’re going out on the road as a welder, it’s important to know the best tools for a mobile welding truck.

Welding Machine

Obviously, you’re going to need a welding machine if you decide to assemble your own mobile welding truck. TIG machines give you the most versatility, but you may want to consider other types of machines if you know what kinds of projects you’ll be doing. A welding machine consists of a power supply, welding head, and possibly a cooling unit.

Power Generator

In order to run a welding machine from your truck without any other power supply, you’ll need to provide your own generator. There are a number of truck-size generators you can use, but we recommend looking for one that has a low noise level. There are also some companies that make combination welding machines and power generators for trucks.

Remote Pendant

One of the best tools for a mobile welding truck is a remote pendant. A remote pendant is a tool that allows you to control your welding machine from a small controller. Normally, you’d need to make changes at the power supply itself, which can be hard to do when you’re in the middle of a weld. A remote pendant allows you to make changes mid-cycle without compromising your focus.

Grinders and Saws

While there are a lot of fabrication tools that we could highlight here, the most important are grinders and saws. These are your most basic tools for cutting metal, beveling, and grinding away defects. Make sure you have a number of options available.

The Right Tools for the Job

If you’re looking for welding machines and control pendants, check out SEC Industrial. We specialize in orbital welding tools that you’ll find essential for jobs like pipeline welding. We also carry machining tools for beveling pipes, milling, facing, cutting, and many other tasks. Check out our supply and don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.

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