5 Tips for Extending the Life of Your Welding System

5 Tips for Extending the Life of Your Welding System

February 16, 2022

No matter what you invest your money in, you want to get the best return imaginable. When you buy a car, it’s best to make all the necessary recommendations to make it last a decade-plus. That same strategy applies to welding equipment. Follow these five tips for extending the life of your welding system.

Clean the Equipment

For maximum performance, clean your welding systems regularly. Dust and grime can create overheating and welding concerns if collected in the wire feeder. You can use an air hose to clear unwanted dust or debris from interfering with your tools and power supply.

Additionally, excessive filth can wear down machine parts, necessitating maintenance. To avoid improper wire supply, clean the welding machine’s driving rollers. Remove them frequently and scrub them with a wire brush.

Quality Cables and Connections

Poor connections create overheating in the wires and may destroy your welding system. Evaluate the cable degradation and ascertain if damaged wires might be the culprit. Then, you’ll want to investigate the ground. A faulty ground can end up causing welding to be unpredictable, necessitating continual correction by the operator. Incorrect grounding causes unpleasant welds, but you should have no issue making a simple correction.

Upkeep of Your Tools

Continually sharpening your cutting instruments provides better results, while also increasing the lifespan of your tools. Making them efficient reduces the chance of wear and tear because they are always in superb condition. Many welding systems in a fabrication shop trim, chop, and slash. It is best to keep those items sharp to maintain consistent quality.

Proper Storage

Sometimes, all it takes to get the most out of your welding system is storing parts and tools properly. Keeping tools organized makes them more handy, increasing the likelihood of associates using the correct equipment. It also prevents you or others from misplacing or destroying them. The exciting part about organizing is that it also makes reordering easier, thus reducing downtime.

Keep Your Eyes Open

Identifying possible issues before they cause a disruption helps increase the lifespan of your welding system. Performing audits of your system can help you discover loose components, frayed cables, and peculiar wear spots. Assessments should involve checking machine alignment and efficiency. If there are any strange noises from machines, you should examine them.

Ideally, these five tips for extending the life of your welding systems will prevent you from any downtime. SEC Industrial has many useful tools to assist you with your welding needs, like an integrated pipe spool welding machine. We provide our customers with the best and most technologically advanced tools available. Our team will be ready to offer our advice for any project you may have.

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