5 Safety Tips for Stainless Steel Orbital Welding

5 Safety Tips for Stainless Steel Orbital Welding

September 28, 2021

The welding industry undoubtedly has the potential to cause safety risks and concerns for today’s workers. Welding processes are necessary for modern society, but the job at hand can be dangerous when push comes to shove. As such, an effective foundation of a safety regimen is key, especially when working with stainless steel. Stainless steel is a popular metal choice among welders for its versatility and strong durability, but many hazards arise with the use of this material.

Controlling risks in a welding environment involves making safety a priority to avoid illness or injury. Even the most experienced welders can fail to take proper measures against the hazards of the job. Here are five safety tips for stainless steel orbital welding to consider.

Heat and Radiation: Wear Safety Gear for Protection

Wearing personal protective gear ranks number one on this list of five safety tips for stainless steel orbital welding. The welding arc is undeniably hot, and sparks can fly during operation. Don’t forget that orbital welding specifically relies on a higher amperage for functionality. This increased current produces various wavelengths of UV radiation, causing probable damage to unprotected skin, eyes, or other body parts during operation. Always wear appropriate apparel and eye and head protection.

Electrocution: Protect Against Shock

Besides protection against flying particles or invisible UV rays, shielding against electric shock is key for any welding process. The risk stems from the live electrical circuits that create the molten metal pool. To protect against shock when working with steel, avoid working in damp conditions, and again, wear insulated protective gear around metal structures in the work area.

Loud Noises: Block Prolonged Hazards

Different welding environments cause different risks. In general, orbital welding activities can produce high and extended levels of volume. Welders may sustain damage without PPE. To protect one’s hearing long-term, use flame-resistant earplugs or muffs.

Toxic Fumes: Ensure Proper Ventilation

When working with stainless steel, operating efficient exhaust systems within the working environment is of the essence. Avoid any confined spaces that lack adequate ventilation and stay knowledgeable about mitigating the effects of the fumes. Keep hoods, vacuum nozzles, and extractors guns near the workpiece to quickly disperse vapors.

Properly Employ Orbital Welding Tech

If you have top-quality orbital welding technology on hand, you have the best safety measure of all. Welders can minimize the above safety risks when working with stainless steel by utilizing well-crafted automatic welding equipment. Any orbital equipment or electrical infrastructures should be up to code to meet industry standards, with welders trained properly on their processes.

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